Patriot Award Business partner of the month

Christian Brothers Automotive West Wichita


Hopefully, this will be the first of many business of the month Patriot Award segments. I am wanting to recognize those businesses that not only assist our veterans, military and first responders by offering a special savings discount but also do it in a manner that goes way beyond just the offer of a discount. Recently I had the privilege to do business with such an establishment. Wichita Kansas’s Christian Brothers Automotive (CBA) 

After buying new tires I knew the proper thing to do was get my car aligned. I called Christian Brothers as I knew them to be a preferred business, and that they offer a 10% discount of their services to veterans. When I called I explained I had just gotten tires and needed to schedule an alignment appointment. I told the young man on the phone I had a $10 off coupon from the tire store where I made my purchase to use toward my alignment. I then stated I knew they offered a discount to veterans and inquired if they would honor both the coupon and the veteran discount. The man on the phone said he would give me a better discount that using either of those offers and they did.

So besides saving me a few bucks why is Christian Brother Automotive the Veteran Bargains business of the month Patriot Award? There are several reasons:

One: I had some of the most courteous and professional phone conversations I have had in years from these guys. In fact their manners are exemplary. In fact while in their waiting room I overheard the only man at the front desk ask a customer if they would mind if they answered a ringing phone. What a classy move.

Two: The entire customer waiting area was spotless. There were comfortable plush chairs to sit in. Not those rickety metal folding chairs 

Three: The entire staff was 100% behind me getting my alignment. They offered me a water or coffee. As I was checking out the owner, Jesse handed me a pamphlet and explained that because I had done business with Christian Brothers Automotive I was now entitled to roadside service through Provantage Auto Repair Network at no additional cost to me. This two year 24,000 mile warranty covers:


Services that I could use for up to two claims per 12 month period

Wow, I’ve had business back their work but to offer this type of perk was totally unexpected.

OK, I got a great repair and fantastic customer service. I walked out to my car, which they had pulled up to the front door for me and as I put the car in drive I found a bottle of cold water had been left in the cup holder for me. I was floored. You will be too. 

Please support this Patriot Award business partner of the month. "Nice Difference."

Christian Brothers Automotive West Wichita

10080 West 29th St N, Wichita, KS 67205

(316) 633-4900