Midwest Battle Buddies Patriot Award December 2019

You can count on a couple of things, American's really love our veterans and our dogs. I have become familiar with an organization that takes care of both.

Those of you familiar with VeteranBargains Patriot Award Business of the Month know we look for businesses that go above and beyond. As I became more familiar with Midwest Battle Buddies I was surprised to find that the president and founder, Chip Newman didn't serve in the military himself. 

Midwest Battle Buddies is an organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of veterans through service animals in Kansas and throughout the Midwest area. This service is provided at little or no cost to the veteran.


Midwest Battle Buddies supply service dogs and training to veterans. They also give them an environment to develop self confidence and camaraderie with fellow vets. Veterans receive quality, certified dogs with very little out of pocket expense.

In 2015 a friend that was involved in the dog training business came to Chip saying that he had realized veterans who were in need of service dogs but their access to them was falling short. They found there was indeed a lack of help in the community for the veterans, especially those with PTSD.  Midwest Battle Buddies was born as a result.

Chip, who had been employed with a company for decades, found that they shut down the division where he was employed. After being let go Chip made the decison he was going to devote himself to something that actually made a difference. He dipped into his own pension and committed himself 100% to Midwest Battle Buddies.

Midwest Battle Buddies can be found almost always at many of the veteran functions in the Wichita area. Their memembrs have their service dogs at their sides. Midwest Battle Buddies is a 501c3. They can be found at: 


Chip Newman, President, 
Midwest Battle Buddies

Chip Newman, President, 

Midwest Battle Buddies



I recently attended a Sedgwick County Veteran's Coalition luncheon where the presenter told about their organization, Nation of Patriots (TM). When I heard the story about this wonderful organization, I knew I had to select them as a Patriot Award recipient.


The speaker told of a veteran that was in desperate need of back surgery. Unfortunately, this veteran was not eligible to be treated at the VA for this condition. So Nation of Patriots stepped up and took care of the medical bills for this hero, so he could have this much needed operation. 

We are all too familiar with the expression, if it wasn't for bad luck, we wouldn't have any luck at all. As this hero was discharged, he went home to find his air conditioning unit had gone out and he didn't have the funds to get the repair work done. Nation of Patriots heard about this situation and again answered the call to allow this veteran to recover in comfort and had the unit repaired. 

Nation of Patriots was formed in 2008 and is an all-volunteer, non-political, 501(C)3 nonprofit organization. Their mission is to financially support struggling military families. They work throughout the year to assist these military-veteran families find stable financial ground and look with optimism to the future. To help them locate and select the veteran families, they work with VA facilities and many other veteran organizations. Selection is based on specific criteria. 

Since they are an all-volunteer organization this means they allocate 100% of every donation to this mission. To date they have been able to help almost 400 veterans. 

Each year they have a Patriot tour where service members, veterans and citizens carrying our great Flag across the 48 contiguous United states, with an exchange of Old Glory to another group of riders and drives in each state.

I normally don't ask people to donate to a cause, but I am making an exception for Nation of Patriots. Please use the link below to assist  this wonder veteran-centric organization help our veterans in need. 


Nation  of  Patriots can also be found on our Starfish organization page.





Imagine if you will, your spouse kisses you goodbye, tells the children that they love them and off to work they go. Then later that day your world ends as you know it.

This happens every two days for a family of a first responder. We lose far too many first responders in the line of duty.

The everyday worries that kept these families up at night, have now grown to include how to take care of funeral expenses.

Dignity Memorial Steps in and removes that worry


Dignity Memorial has a special place in their hearts for these families. When I was speaking to them about the details of their regular offers for our heroes, they mentioned what they had done last year for a deputy who was lost in the line of duty here in Sedgwick County. I was amazed to find out that when any first responder dies in the line of duty, the compassionate funeral planners at Dignity Memorial see to it that all funeral related expenses are taken care of at no cost to the family. This way the family can grieve without the added worry about how to pay for final expenses. What an incredible way to show they care. 

The first responder community seems to know about this tremendous offer. When I heard how Dignity Memorial steps up to totally eliminate any funeral expense for these heroes and their families, I had to select them as a Patriot Business Award of the Month recipient.

Under normal circumstances Dignity Memorial offers a 10% discount first responders, veterans and military. But this Line of Duty offer shows how much they really care.






The Veteran Bargains Patriot Award was established to recognize businesses that go beyond discount for veterans and military. This month’s selection came to my attention via Linked-In from Marine Veteran, Mike Olness. Mission BBQ, headquartered out of Glen Burnie, MD. This company began in 2011. This company does NOT offer a discount to veterans, military or our first responders. 

What NO DISCOUNTS and I am awarding them the Patriot Award for September? 

That’s right. I was absolutely floored when I saw what this organization does for our heroes. Over the years Mission BBQ has helped out with time, food and fundraising totaling more than $10 million dollars that has been donated for national and local charitable organizations.

I hope anyone that lives near a Mission BBQ location patronizes their business for this outstanding support of our heroes. The list is staggering. I will attempt to post them here. If I miss a few I will apologize in advance.

USO * Special Operations Warrior Foundation * Semper Fi Fund * The Navy SEAL Foundation * Wreaths Across America * Honor Flight Network * National Fallen Firefighters Foundation * Concerns of Police Survivors * The CIA Officers Memorial Foundation * 100 Club of Anne Arundel County * 100 Club of Manatee County * 100 Club of Nashville * 911 Gives Hope * Albemarle County Police Foundation * Albemarle Department of Fire Rescue * Angel House Bereavement Center * Angels for Protectors * Annapolis City Fire Department * Annapolis City Police Department * Annapolis Police Department * Annapolis Professional Fire Fighters * Anne Arundel County Fire Department * Anne Arundel County Police Department * Atlantic Regional Firefighters Burn Foundation * Baltimore City Fire Service * Baltimore County Fire Department * Baltimore County PAR Fund * Baltimore County Police Department * Berwyn Heights Volunteer Fire Department * Blue Valor Foundation 4581 * Boynton Beach Firefighter Benevolent Association * Boynton Beach Police Department * Brad Fox Memorial 5K Foundation * Bradenton Fire Department * Bradenton Police Department * Brookfield Fire Department * Brookfield Police Department * Bucks County Heroes Scholarship Fund * Cedar Hammock Fire Rescue * Charles County Volunteer Fire and EMS Association * Charlottesville Police Foundation * Chattanooga Fire Department * Chattanooga Police Department * Chesapeake Fire Department * Chesapeake Police Department * Chesterfield County Fire & EMS * Chesterfield County Police Department * Chesterfield County Police Foundation * Chesterfield Professional Fire Fighters Charitable Foundation * Cincinnati Blue Line Foundation * City of Alexandria, VA * City of Charlottesville Fire Department * City of Dover FOP Lodge 15 * City of Red Bank Police * Clarksville Fire Fighters * Clarksville Police Union * Clarksville, IN Fire Department * Clarksville, IN Police Department * Collegedale TN Police * Concerns of Police Survivors, Maryland Chapter * Concerns of Police Survivors, Pennsylvania Chapter * Connecticut Police Chiefs Association * Connecticut Police Foundation * Crime Alert Berks County * D.C.Firefighters Burn Foundation * Davie Fire Rescue Benevolent * Davie Lodge 100 FOP * Deerfield Township Fire Rescue * Deptford County Fire Department * Deptford Fire Fighters Burn Foundation * Deptford Police * Deptford Township Police Explorers Program * Dover Fire Department * Dover Police Department * East Ridge Police * Evansville Fire Department * Fairfax County Fire & Rescue * Fairfax County Firefighters Fund * Fairfax County Police Department * Fayetteville Fire Department * Fayetteville Police Foundation * Fire Brigade Pipes and Drums of Greater Baltimore * Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance * Firefighters & Friends to the Rescue * Fort Pierce Police Department * Franklin and Pikesville Precints - Police Community Relations Council * Fraternal Order of Police Auxiliary * Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 24 * Frederick County Law Enforcement Foundation * Frederick County Sheriff Department * Friends of Parma Police * Gold Shield Foundation, Inc. * Grassroots Crisis Intervention * Greenbelt FOP * Greenbelt Police * Gurnee Fraternal Order of Police * Gurnee Police Department * Halfway Fire Department * Hamilton County Office of Emergency Management * Hamilton County Sheriff * Hampton Fire Department * Hampton Police Department * Henrico Firefighter's Friends & Family Charity Foundation * Henrico Police Foundation * Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Foundation * Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office * Hilsborough County Fire Rescue * Howard County FOP Lodge 21 Benevolent Fund * Howard County Fire & Rescue * Howard County Police Department * Howard County Police Foundation * Howard Heroes Fund * Illinois Fire Safety Alliance * Jackson Township Police Department * Jackson Township, Stark County Fire Department * Jackson, IAFF Local 2280 * Jacksonville, FL FOP Foundation * Jacksonville, FL Fire Fighters * Jacksonville, NC Fire Department * Jacksonville, NC Police Department * Kenosha Firefighters C.A.R.E. * Kenosha Professional Police Association * King of Prussia Volunteer Fire Company * LPPD Youth Forensics Academy * Lakeland Fire Department * Lakeland Police Department * Lakeland Police Foundation * Laurel FOP Lodge 11 * Laurel Police Department * Laurel Volunteer Fire Department * Laurel Volunteer Rescue Squad * Law Enforcement Foundation of Greater Chattanooga * Law Enforcement United * Lee County Fire Department Good & Welfare Fund * Lee County Sheriff's Fallen Heroes * Lloyd Seifer FOP Lodge 206 * Lookout Mountain TN Police * Loudoun County Fire Rescue * Loudoun County Sheriff's Office * Loudoun First Responders Foundation * Lower Paxton Police Department * Lynn Sowers Memorial Foundation * Manatee County Sheriff's Office * Maryland Local Assistance State Team * Maryland State Firemen's Association * Metro Nashville Police Department * Montgomery County Hero Fund * Moon Run Volunteer Fire Department * Murfreesboro Fire Rescue * Murfreesboro Police Department * Nashville Fire Department * Newport News Citizen Fire Academy Alumni Association * Newport News Fire Department * Newport News Police Department * Newport News Police Foundation * North Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue * North Myrtle Beach Public Safety * Northville Township  Police Officers Association Benevolent Fund * Northville Township Firefighters Charity Fund * Oviedo Fire Rescue * Oviedo Police Department * Oviedo Police Foundation * Owings Mills Volunteer Fire Company * Panama City Fire Department * Panama City K9 Unit * Panama City Police Department * Parma Fire Department * Parma IAFF Local 639 * Parma Police Department * Paxtonia Fire Department * Philadelphia FOP Lodge 5 Survivors Fund * Philadelphia Local 22 Firefighters & Paramedics Widow's Fund * Plymouth Township Fire Department * Plymouth Township Police Department * Police Athletic League of Jacksonville, FL * Polk County Fire Rescue * Polk County Sheriff’s Office * Port St. Lucie Police Department * Prince William County Police Department * Project Lifesaver * Roanoke Fire & EMS * Roanoke Police Department * Robert L. Benner Fire Training Facility * Rockville City Police Department * Rockville Volunteer Fire Department * Rutherford County Fire Rescue * Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office * Shane Kelly Memorial Scholarship * Sheriff's Foundation of Broward County * Sheriff's Office of Broward County * Shield 23 Foundation * Shop with a Cop of St. Mary's County * Signal 13 Foundation * Signal Mountain Police * Soddy-Daisy Police * Southeastern Police Community Relations Council * Southington Fire Department * Spotsylvania County Fire and Rescue Foundation * Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office * St. Lucie County 100 Club * St. Lucie County Fire District Honor Guard * St. Lucie County Fire District * St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office * St. Matthews Fire & Rescue * St. Matthews Police Department * Stafford County Fire & Rescue Benevolent Fund * Stafford County Police * Supporting Heroes * Tallahassee Police Department * Tallahassee Professional Firefighters Association * Team Prince William Law Enforcement United * Tennessee Fallen Firefighters Memorial * The Hundred Club of DuPage * Troy Fire Department * Troy Police Department * Upper Merion Township Police Department * Vigilant Watch * Virginia Beach Fire Department * Virginia Beach Police Department * Virginia Beach Police Foundation * Warminster Police Department * Washington County Sheriff's Office * Western Pennsylvania Police Benevolent Foundation * Whitehall Township Fire Department * Whitehall Township Police Department * Wilmington Fire Department * Wilmington Police Department * Winchester City Police * Winchester Fire and Rescue Foundation * Wisconsin Injured Law Enforcement Officers Resource Council (WILEORC) *Wisconsin State Firefighters Memorial * Wyomissing Fire Department * Wyomissing Police Department * York City Fire Department * York City Police Department * Yvorra Leadership Foundation

Thanks to our Marine friend Mike for telling us about this great company.


Alpha 1 Drop Zone


Alpha 1 Drop Zone

It’s time for another installment Veteranbargains.com business of the month Patriot Award segment.  The Veteran Bargains Patriot Award is given to recognize businesses that not only assist our heroes by offering a special savings discount, but also go beyond offering a few dollars off. 

Alpha 1 Drop Zone has been around for almost three decades. During that time, they have been the premier Army/Navy Store in the Wichita KS area. They do offer a 10% discount to veterans, military and first responders. But that’s not why they are receiving this month’s award.

Back in 2015 they founded the Veterans Awareness Expo. This event featured about 30 non-profit organizations that provide veterans and military services and information. This FREE event was able to get it’s start thanks to Alpha 1 Drop Zone owner and veteran, Brad Yates. Over the years Alpha 1 Drop Zone has been involved in over 90 different events focusing on our veterans and military, from veteran benefit concerts, women veterans meet and greets to school programs featuring veterans to instill patriotism among our youth. This company has continued to step up to the plate to support our heroes and first responders.

This year is the Fourth Annual Veterans Awareness Expo and will be held on August 3rd at the All-American Indian Center. Now, showcasing over 50 organizations to help our heroes this year’s event is on track to be the best ever. There will be a program featuring leadership from McConnel Air Force Base, a display of military vehicles, military recruiters, VA mobile units and representatives, Food Trucks, Sedgwick County Register of Deeds Office personnel putting DD-214 s on file and issuing the new Sedgwick County Veteran Military Discount ID cards and many, many more.

We are so fortunate to have a patriotic organization like Alpha 1 Drop Zone to show their support of our veterans and military. 

Alpha 1 Drop Zone

443 N Maize Rd

Wichita, KS 67212

BE SURE TO TELL THEM YOU SAW THEM ON VETERANBARGAINS.COM Please go to Alpha 1 Drop Zone's web page for a virtual tour.



 I find I have another unique presentation for this month’s VeteranBargains.com Business of the Month Patriot Award. Most months the Patriot Award is given to a business that provides a special offer or savings to veterans or active service members. 

This month the Patriot Award is being given to an organization that is concerned about our veterans and military ability to provide proof of their honorable service. 

One of the most important documents a veteran has in their possession is their DD-214. This is the document that shows they were Honorably Discharged from The Armed Forces of the United States. Without their DD-214 they may have trouble proving their service.

The Sedgwick County Register of Deed Office, like other Register of Deeds offices, offers a free service to veterans and service members so they can have their DD-214s put on file. In the event a discharged service member has lost access to their DD-214, they can obtain a certified copy for this precious document. Many discharged service members are not aware of this important service.

what if you lost your DD-214?

Sedgwick County Veteran Military Discount Card


Recently, Sedgwick County Commissioner David Dennis, a retired Air Force veteran, was informed by the Sedgwick County Register of Deeds, regarding a program that she found that is assisting veterans in Cook County Illinois. The Cook County Military Veteran Discount ID Card. This card is used by veterans and military to be able to take advantage of special offers provided by businesses for their benefit.

With Commissioner Dennis’ encouragement the register of Deeds office researched and presented this program to the Sedgwick County commissioners and received unanimous approval to implement the Sedgwick County Veterans Discount ID card for our veterans and service members here in Sedgwick County.

When a discharged service member brings in their DD-214 to the Register of Deeds office they will also receive their Sedgwick County Veterans Discount ID card. Their DD-214 will be put on file so they will always be able to obtain a certified copy of their DD-214 and prove their honorable service to the United States. This will be a government issue photo ID they can use to take advantage of special offers that businesses give as appreciation for their service. This will also serve to help eliminate stolen valor by those pretending to be veterans.

My father served in the Korean War, unfortunately his DD-214 was discarded by an ex-spouse. If he had his DD-214 in his register of deeds office, he would have been able to obtain a certified copy and prove his service after he no longer had this valuable document. When I was discharged from the Army, I took my DD-214 and registered my DD-214 with the Ford County Register of Deeds. Just a few days ago I could not put my hands on m original DD-214 but was able to get the certified copy I needed because I had taken advantage of this great service.

We all truly appreciate the dollars we save from businesses that offer discounts. These new services introduced to Sedgwick County veterans and service members is far more valuable to us than a few dollars. My special thanks to Commissioner David Dennis, Commissioner Jim Howell, Commissioner Michael O’Donnelly, Commissioner Pete Meitzner, and Commissioner Lacey Cruse for bringing us these two services.

Please support the Sedgwick County Register of Deeds as this Patriot Award business recipient of the month.


Reserved Veteran Parking Spots

Reserved Veteran Parking Spots

Reserved Veteran Parking Spots

 Lowe's wants veterans to know they are valued customers

Reserved Veteran Parking Spots

Reserved Veteran Parking Spots


Reserved Veteran Parking Spots



A New Twist...


I am taking a big variation with this month’s VeteranBargains.com business of the month Patriot Award in recognizing a large corporate company. In most instances the patriot award has been given to smaller, locally owned businesses or franchisees. This month I can’t stand by and ignore the tremendous efforts of a rather large company that goes beyond for our veterans.

Normally, when I am telling a fellow veteran about offers veterans get on this site, I would always start the conversation with:

“You know as a veteran you get a discount at Lowe’s and …” then I would name off a half dozen company names. Not surprisingly, most veterans knew they got a discount at Lowe’s. 

Well, Lowe’s has really gotten my attention in the last couple of months and stirred me to select them as the recipient of VeteranBargains.com business of the month Patriot Award for June.

Personally, I have been a dedicated Lowe’s customer for decades. They have quality products, a fantastic guarantee and for a not so handy guy like me all kinds of advice on how to get my projects done. Recently, when I went to my local Lowe’s to pick up some items I was needing to get the garden ready for spring, I was pleasantly surprised and honored to find Lowe’s now has special parking places reserved for veterans. Right up front! This says a lot about Lowe’s appreciation of veterans to take prime parking spots right up front by the door and dedicate them to veteran’s use. I can’t tell you how that touched me when I saw the signs reserving these spots for the first time. Even now, as silly as it may sound, tears well up in my eyes as I write this, and my heart is touched by their patriotism.

Another thing Lowe’s has done is to give recognition to their employees who have served. These fellow veterans get to wear special camo vests that denote them as a veteran. As you shop at Lowe’s be sure to look for the employees in the camo vests and thank them for their service.

At the check lanes Lowe’s now has prominently displayed signs that state they are proud to offer a 10% military discount every day. Wow! What a great patriotic company. Why would you as a veteran shop at any other home improvement store?

Please support Lowe’s as this Patriot Award business recipient of the month.



The Veteran Bargains Patriot Award Business of the Month is given to  businesses that show special appreciation for our veterans and military and is NOT an endorsement of  the featured business to veteranbargains .com 




Cartridge Express (Wichita KS)

Once again, we bring you the latest installment of Veteranbargains.com business of the month Patriot Award segment.  The Veteran Bargains Patriot Award is given to recognize businesses that not only assist our veterans, military and first responders by offering a special savings discount, but do it in a manner that is befitting of those who serve. It is more than just the offering of a discount.

On a recent stop into Cartridge Express in Wichita KS a veteran went in to purchase an ink cartridge. After making his purchase and getting the 10% discount given by this business for being a veteran, this vet was carrying on a conversation with the owner of Cartridge Express. They were discussing the treatment that veterans receive in this day and age.

He related a story told by a State Congressman at a Vietnam War Veterans Day celebration he attended at a local American Legion Post. The speaker was talking about how after World War I when the troops came home, they threw parade for them and everyone was so congratulatory of the victory. The same thing happened at the end of World War II. Tickertape parades were the norm. 

He went on to say that the current atmosphere continues to show gratitude to our service men and women. People applaud and cheer as service member walk through airports. Folks walk up to people in uniform or with veterans’ hat on and thank them for their service. The speaker related that those who served during the Vietnam War came home to a totally different country.

One speaker told a story of how his older brother enlisted and was sent to Vietnam. He was wounded there and medivaced out, leaving all his uniforms in his hooch. Upon being released from the hospital, he was given a new pair of dress greens and dropped off at the airport in San Francisco. - (San Francisco in the 70’s) where he was promptly spit on. He then bought a shirt and pair of pants, threw his uniform in the trash and went home. 

As this Vietnam War veteran was headed to the door finishing his story, the owner asked him to come back and gave him the military bracelet he now wears proudly. It is this type of people that truly appreciate our veteran’s service to our great country and keep their customers coming back.


The Veteran Bargains Patriot Award Business of the Month is given to  businesses that show special appreciation for our veterans and military and is NOT an endorsement of  the featured business to veteranbargains .com  


The Gutter Guys


Effective immediately we are cancelling the VeteranBargains.com business of the month Patriot Award segments. 

No; April Fools.

This month’s VeteranBargains.com business of the month Patriot Award is recognizing a company but more so a gentleman who not only offers discount to our veteran, Military and first responders but does it with one of the most honest and pleasant of demeanors.

I first meet Jeff, the owner of The Gutter Guys last fall. I had called to get a quote for their product Gutter Guard. I was tired of having to either do the white knuckle climb on the ladder of death (bad fear of heights) or pester a neighbor to climb up and get rid of the leaves, bird nests and assorted debris clogging my gutters and downs spouts. Jeff came promptly over and gave me a quote. We were all set to do business when a personal situation came up and caused us to have a delay our project. Jeff was sincere in wanting to work with me and I was looking forward to no more climbs of FEAR so we made arrangements to schedule the job for March. Since I am a veteran, he had offered a special price for the March job.

I was impressed with his physical product but more impressed that it came with a no clog guarantee – a lifetime warranty that is transferable to the next owner.

Sure enough, when the date for our agreed upon installation came there was Jeff ready to conduct the job. Not only did he do the work but without my asking, he remembered the exact price he had quoted with out my having to bring it up. After the crew has completed the installation, Jeff personally walked around my property to make sure there were nit any scraps left over from the work.

Many people claim to be Christian businessmen, Jeff walks the walk. When we had a family member with a personnel health issue that arose, Jeff not only offered prayer but months later he asked how that family member was. He is professional and honest and has a sincere interest in his customers.

Great product, an incredible warranty and fantastic service.


Please support this Patriot Award business partner of the month.


The Gutter Guys

1226 S Lulu Ave, Wichita KS 67211




The Veteran Bargains Patriot Award Business of the Month is given to  businesses that show special appreciation for our veterans and military and is NOT an endorsement of  the featured business to veteranbargains .com  




Bee Line Auto and Truck Salvage - Wichita KS

It’s time for latest installment Veteranbargains.com business of the month Patriot Award segment.  The Veteran Bargains Patriot Award is given to recognize businesses that not only assist our veterans, military and first responders by offering a special savings discount but also do it in a manner that goes way beyond just the offer of a discount.

Recently, one of the heroes that survived the bombing of the USS Cole had been invited by retired rear admiral Penfield to the commissioning of the USS Wichita in Florida. This young man was excited about attending this historic naval event. As he was getting ready to leave for this cross-country road trip, he realized that although his truck was as tough as Vin Diesel the tires on his truck were as bald as Mr. Diesel’s head. So he went to Bee Line Auto and Truck Salvage here in Wichita to check into some used tires for his trip.

For the for over 25 Years, Bee Line Auto and Truck Salvage has been offering folks here in the Wichita area access to a large selection of used parts for their vehicles. They normally offer a 10% discount to military and veterans on parts. As this man was requesting tires and explained the reason why he so desperately needed them to make this special trip. The owner of Bee Line stepped way beyond that of a veteran bargains business partner. He made sure this sailor had not only four tires but also a new spare tire. This former sailor was so grateful he personally told me how well he was treated by this business.

That’s the kind of customer service that keep customers coming back.

The Veteran Bargains Patriot Award Business of the Month is given to  businesses that show special appreciation for our veterans and military and is NOT an endorsement of  the featured business to veteranbargains .com  



Riverside Cafe - Wichita, KS

 It’s time for another installment Veteranbargains.com business of the month Patriot Award segment.  The Veteran Bargains Patriot Award is given to recognize businesses that not only assist our veterans, military and first responders by offering a special savings discount but also do it in a manner that goes way beyond just the offer of a discount.

Starting clear back in 1946, Riverside Café has been feeding locals and travelers in Wichita with some of the best homemade food in the Kansas. Owned by the Grandson of a World War I Veteran my wife and I have been enjoying the eats at Riverside for several years. The staff there always make us feel welcome and takes care of their customers with a little extra love. A perfect example is one night my wife and I went to Riverside Cafe for dinner and without realizing it we had both worn our pink shirts. Our waitress, Julia said they would wear their pink shirts so they would match us next Friday when came in. Sure enough the next Friday when we showed up there was Julia in her pink shirt. Made us feel so special. That’s the kind of little things that keep us coming back.

When we first started enjoying the Riverside Cafe difference, they offered a 10% discount on the bill for veterans, active military and law enforcement officers. Then about a year ago around veteran’s day they stepped up their offer by going to one of the best offers we have run across:

One of their promotions is a buy two meals and two drinks and get one meal FREE. 

Wall Of Honor

Wall Of Honor


Wall of Honor

There are many businesses that offer special deals for our vets and those who serve. Riverside Café goes beyond by showing their gratitude for our service. In the dining room they have created “The Wall of Honor”.  Heroes and family members have brought in photos of themselves or family members who have served and they have this special place to honor their service. It’s their added way of saying thanks to those who have kept their promise to serve. 

In addition, Riverside Café keeps their promise that you won’t leave without a full stomach! 

The Veteran Bargains Patriot Award Business of the Month is given to  businesses that show special appreciation for our veterans and military and is NOT an endorsement of  the featured business to veteranbargains .com 





Patriot Award Business of the month January 2019

Christian Brothers Automotive

Christian Brothers Automotive West Wichita


Hopefully, this will be the first of many VeteranBargains.com business of the month Patriot Award segments. I am wanting to recognize those businesses that not only assist our veterans, military and first responders by offering a special savings discount but also do it in a manner that goes way beyond just the offer of a discount. Recently I had the privilege to do business with such an establishment. Wichita Kansas’s Christian Brothers Automotive (CBA) 

After buying new tires I knew the proper thing to do was get my car aligned. I called Christian Brothers as I knew them to be a VeteranBargains.com preferred business, and that they offer a 10% discount of their services to veterans. When I called, I explained I had just gotten tires and needed to schedule an alignment appointment. I told the young man on the phone I had a $10 off coupon from the tire store where I made my purchase to use toward my alignment. I then stated I knew they offered a discount to veterans and inquired if they would honor both the coupon and the veteran discount. The man on the phone said he would give me a better discount that using either of those offers and they did.


So besides saving me a few bucks why is Christian Brother Automotive the Veteran Bargains business of the month Patriot Award? There are several reasons:


One: I had some of the most courteous and professional phone conversations I have had in years from these guys. In fact their manners are exemplary. In fact while in their waiting room I overheard the only man at the front desk ask a customer if they would mind if they answered a ringing phone. What a classy move.


Two: The entire customer waiting area was spotless. There were comfortable plush chairs to sit in. Not those rickety metal folding chairs 


Three: The entire staff was 100% behind me getting my alignment. They offered me a water or coffee. As I was checking out the owner, Jesse handed me a pamphlet and explained that because I had done business with Christian Brothers Automotive I was now entitled to roadside service through Provantage Auto Repair Network at no additional cost to me. This two year 24,000 mile warranty covers:






Services that I could use for up to two claims per 12 month period


Wow, I’ve had business back their work but to offer this type of perk was totally unexpected.


OK, I got a great repair and fantastic customer service. I walked out to my car, which they had pulled up to the front door for me and as I put the car in drive I found a bottle of cold water had been left in the cup holder for me. I was floored. You will be too. 


Please support this Patriot Award business partner of the month. "Nice Difference."


Christian Brothers Automotive West Wichita

10080 West 29th St N, Wichita, KS 67205

(316) 633-4900



The Veteran Bargains Patriot Award Business of the Month is given to  businesses that show special appreciation for our veterans and military and is NOT an endorsement of  the featured business to veteranbargains .com