Organizations that help veterans and service MEMBERS

Veteran Providers' Coalition of Sedgwick Count

 The coalition consists of voluntary partnerships that bring together key players in the community of veteran services, organizations, non-profits and governmental entities that are committed to providing services and raise awareness of the needs and specific issues of our local veterans and their families. 

Wichita Vet Center


If you have served in any combat zone, Vet Centers are in your community to help you and your family with readjustment counseling and outreach services.

You've earned these benefits and there is no cost to you or your family members. 

 Phone: 316-265-0889
Toll Free: 888-878-6881 Ext. 41080 

Midwest Battle Buddies

Dedicated to providing service dogs and training to Veterans of the U.S. military. These veterans have been approved of as in need of and appropriate to receive such animals in order to have the opportunity to lead quality lives while continuing to make positive contributions to society.

Service dogs are provided at little cost or out of pocket to the veterans

TEAM RWB - Wichita

 Team Red White and Blue's goal is to "Enrich the lives of America's Veterans by connecting them to their community through social and physical activities." 


 Passageways Living Center is a private, faith-based nonprofit organization providing solution-based ministry to the homeless and near homeless Veteran population in the Wichita area.  Our mission is to assist the Veterans who come through our program to meet the goals they set and provide them with the means to find a place to call home. 


The Kansas Honor Flight

 The Kansas Honor Flight is an all-volunteer organization that works to honor Kansas veterans of World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War by providing them with an ALL-EXPENSE PAID, THREE-DAY JOURNEY of honor and remembrance to visit their memorials in Washington, D.C. The organization also works to educate the youth and communities throughout Kansas about the impact of these historic wars and the freedoms our nation enjoys because of the service of our veterans.  The KHF is part of the National Honor Flight Network, and is the #1 chapter of over 130 chapters, sending more veterans on flights than any other chapter nation-wide. 


Starfish Organizations continued - veteran organizations

Veterans Upward Bound

Wichita State University Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) is a an educational and skills program designed to meet the needs of today's veterans. VUB's goal is to prepare veterans for post-secondary education, regardless of desired institution. 

wear blue run to remember

wear blue is a national nonprofit running community that honors the service and sacrifice of the American military. wear blue run to remember creates running community unites and supports military and their families, veterans, Gold Star families, and civilians through active remembrance and meaningful relationships.

22 Buddy Check

Veterans Suicide Awareness, 22 Buddy Check is dedicated to the men and women of our Armed Forces and the issues they live with day in and day out.  It is our way to stand up and say...We've got your back!

Salvation Army

The Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program is designed to assist low-income veterans and their families in obtaining and maintaining permanent stable housing. 


Kansas City 816.756.2769

Topeka, KS: (785) 861-7925

Wichita, KS: (316) 425-6144

Hays, KS: (785) 621-2478

The Price of Freedom Foundation

The Price of Freedom Foundation tells the Life Stories of those who paid the Ultimate Price for our freedom - those who die while serving in our nation’s armed forces.

Every person who paid this price deserves to be remembered and their sacrifice honored. Their lives had meaning and potential that was cut short. They left behind families and friends who loved them, and who grieve their loss.

We believe the best way to honor their sacrifice, help those left behind through their grief, and preserve their memories for future generations is to write their life story from beginning to end, and provide archival quality, hardbound editions of the book to the next of kin at no cost to them. 


Nation of Patriots

Nation of Patriots was formed in 2008 and is an all-volunteer, non-political, 501(C)3 nonprofit organization.

Their mission is to financially support struggling military families. They work all year round to assist these military-veteran families find stable financial ground and look with optimism to the future. They work with VA facilities and many other veteran organizations to help them locate and select the veteran families based on specific criteria.

To date  they have been able to help almost 400 veterans. Since they are an all volunteer organization this means they allocate 100% of every donation to this mission.

Each year they have a Patriot Tour where service members, veterans and citizens go across the 48 contiguous United states carrying our great Flag with an exchange of Old Glory to another group of riders and drives in each state.

Charlie Mike Life

 Charlie Mike Life is a way of overcoming The Suck. That Charlie Mike Life is like no other mindset. It helps you become that accomplished warrior again! The most successful people use it most of the time without realizing that it has become so second nature to them, It’s become automatic. Be that success that again!

Most of our staff and board members are made up of Veterans and they coach as well. We know the transition issues first hand! We have coaches from all over this rock. These coaching professionals are doing it mostly for two reasons. The wisdom they learn from each of you is priceless and they just want to show their appreciation for making this world a safer place. Let us help you get successful again in the civilian world

We bring the worlds leading coaches, career professionals and mentors to the people who need it most. Our nation's men and women that make up our military. Everything we do is cost-free for these amazing warriors. We are able to provide these services from donations to Charlie Mike Life, recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization. 

The mission of Charlie  Mike Life is not to be a Medical Mental Health Service Provider. Our services are not meant to be a substitute for any medical or psychological treatment.  Be sure to speak with your physician or therapist before changing your current treatment plan. If a  coach believes you are in need of psychological or medical advice, the coaching will stop immediately and the Veteran or family member will be referred to an outside professional mental health provider. Our coaches or staff may be able to provide some resources for medical services to you.

Center for New American Society

This non-profit covers many different aspects and categories. The one that caught my eye was the State Veteran  Benefit finder which has identified over 1800 easily searchable benefits. Please check this for benefits by your state.

Veterans Bridge Home

Veterans Bridge Home is a Charlotte-based organization that connects Veterans and their families, in any state of transition, to the community. Through our network of partners, we help Veterans navigate employment, create social connections, and settle their families. We look at the whole Veteran and connect them to the resources needed to be successful and thriving leaders in our community.

After the regimen and sacrifice of military duty, transition to civilian life can be challenging as Veterans reunite with their families, pursue a new profession, locate services which were all on base, and build a social network. In some cases they also recover from wounds and also pursue further education. Veterans Bridge Home serves as an entry point for Veterans who don’t know where to turn to access support and services. Because Veterans return home to a civilian community and not to federal agencies or bureaucracies, each community must reach out and actively assist in the reintegration process alongside federal agencies such as the Veterans Administration.

The greater Charlotte region has the opportunity and privilege to help bring our nation’s warriors and their families home with the same energy and commitment that our Veterans have displayed in serving our nation. In so doing, ours will serve as a leader to inform other communities that wish to create more welcoming and livable communities for returning Veterans and their families. 




Arming our riders to successfully combat PTSD and return to the mission of authentic living.